Doug Lichtman

Professor of Law

School of Law


405 Hilgard Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90095

(213) 452-6400

Website: UCLA faculty profile

Issues: Media and Content, Patents, Intellectual Property and Networks, the Internet, and Cloud Computing

About Doug Lichtman

Doug Lichtman focuses his teaching and research on topics relating to law and technology.  His areas of specialty include patent and copyright law, telecommunications regulation, and information strategy and economics.

Professor Lichtman joined the faculty at UCLA School of Law in 2007 after a tenured teaching career at the University of Chicago.  His work has been featured in numerous journals including the Journal of Law & Economics, the Journal of Legal Studies, the Yale Law Journal, and the Harvard Business Review. He co-authored Telecommunications Law and Policy, a textbook that investigates the federal regulatory regime applicable to broadcast television, cable television, radio, telephony, and the Internet. He also regularly writes in the popular press, with recent pieces appearing in the Los Angeles Times and the policy magazine Regulation.

B.S.E., Duke University, 1994
J.D., Yale, 1997

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