Simon  Wilkie


Department of Economics

University of Southern California

3620 South Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0253

(213) 740-3513

Website: USC faculty page

Issues: Broadband, Competition Policy and Antitrust, Networks and Infrastructure, Innovation and Economic Growth and Networks, the Internet, and Cloud Computing

About Simon Wilkie

Simon Wilkie is a Professor of Economics and of Communications Law at the USC Law School. He is currently on leave from the University of Southern California Economics department and is serving as the Senior Economist at Microsoft.

His research focuses on game theory, its application to business strategy, economic and regulatory policy design, and the economics of the communications industries. His most recent research is on the wholesale telecommunications market and the concept diversity in media markets.

Professor Wilkie’s work has been widely published on subjects of spectrum auctions, game theory, and telecommunications regulations in leading scholarly journals, which include Economic Theory, The Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Games and Economic Behavior, Journal of Regulatory Economics, The Review of Economic Studies and Social Choice and Welfare. He is also on the editorial board of the Journal of Public Economic Theory and the International Journal of Communication.

From July 2002 to December 2003, he served as Chief Economist at the Federal Communications Commission reporting to Chairman Michael Powell. The major proceedings during his tenure include the regulatory framework for broadband, the creation of secondary markets for spectrum licenses, and the ATT Broadband/Comcast merger. Prior to joining USC, he was an Assistant Professor of Economics at the California Institute of Technology and a Member of Technical Staff at Bell Communications Research. He was also formerly a faculty member of Columbia University and the University of Rochester.


Ph.D., University of Rochester, 1990
M.A., University of Rochester, 1988
B.Comm., University of New South Wales, 1984

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