Can Microsoft Save the Net?

Privacy and Security

Article Snapshot


Lawrence Lessig


Wired magazine 14.03, March 2006


This article looks at technology to help prevent fraud online.

Policy Relevance

Microsoft’s InfoCard technology will help fight fraud without harming competition.

Main Points

  • The Internet’s open design makes it susceptible to use for fraud and other harms.

  • Microsoft has developed key technology to help fight fraud. This technology is called an “InfoCard.”

  • The InforCard holds files that give secure sites access to some information about the user, but only information that he chooses to reveal.

  • The card will not recognize sites that do not comply with its requirements, such as a fake Paypal site.

  • This is an important development in security, and it will not harm competition. The devices is based on technology rules that any company can use.

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