Patent Law in a Nutshell

Intellectual Property and Patents

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Martin Adelman, Gordon P. Klancnik and Randall R. Radar


Thomson/West, St. Paul, MN, 2008


The authors provide an overview of patent law fundamentals, helpful to students and practitioners alike.

Policy Relevance

Patent law is complex and changes quickly. This book provides a succinct overview of the fundamentals of patent law and is an excellent supplement to a patent law course or casebook.

Main Points

  • This book gives an overview of patent law in the United States. It is succinct and readable, but beneficial for both beginners and practitioners in the patent field.
  • The book provides a helpful overview of patent law’s underpinnings in economics, history, natural rights theory, and public utility theory.
  • The book covers the key statutes, cases, and rules in patent law.
  • The book provides a fundamental base for approaching patent law.
  • The book is organized into sixteen chapters. It covers the following concepts in its first half: Foundations of patent law, patent acquisition, patent eligibility, utility, anticipation, statutory bars, novelty: prior invention, and nonobviousness.
  • The second half of the book covers: adequate disclosure, claims, issues in patent acquisition, claim construction, infringement, additional defenses, remedies, and international patent law.
  • Patent law evolves quickly and this book stays abreast of the recent changes.


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