Privacy Management for Portable Recording Devices

Privacy and Security

Article Snapshot


Edward Felten and J. Alex Halderman


Workshop on Privacy and Electronic Society, Nov. 2004


This paper looks at privacy issues with cell phone cameras and similar gadgets.

Policy Relevance

Technology could be used to ease privacy concerns.

Main Points

  • Cell phone cameras, voice recorders, and other small devices that can travel anywhere make it more likely that privacy violations will occur.

  • Technology can help reduce privacy concerns. Recorded images can be encrypted, so that any of the people in a recording could veto its public release at any time.
    • No event could be recorded without the consent of everyone present.
    • A person’s decision to keep information private would be confidential.

  • New laws could recognize this technology to buttress privacy.

  • This technology is less restrictive than total bans on recording devices in an area, or laws banning recording entirely.

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