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Panelists at the “5th Annual BCLT Privacy Law Forum: Silicon Valley” analyze the role of consent in privacy protection and take a close look at the soon-to-be-approved General Data Protection Regulation of the EU.
Stanford economics professor Matthew Gentzkow examines data from several research studies to answer the question, “Are Americans more politically divided now than ever before?”
In her role as the Chief Technologist for the FTC, Lorrie Cranor shares information from research studies that suggest regularly changing passwords may not be providing as much protection as people previously thought.
Amidst the Apple and FBI court conflict over accessing encrypted data, Professor Neil Richards asks, “What principles will guide the courts facing novel questions about surveillance in an era when our data is held by dozens of companies?”
George Washington law professor Daniel Solove interviews Berkeley law professor Chris Hoofnagle about his new book, Federal Trade Commission Privacy Law and Policy.
University of Chicago law professor Omri Ben-Shahar agrees with the government that Apple's refusal to break into terrorists' iPhones is a marketing strategy.
The New York Times “Room for Debate” section asked Fordham law professor Joel Reidenberg to help answer the question: Should companies have to unlock encrypted communication in the case of a crime?
Georgia Tech ethics and law professor Peter Swire has worked on encryption issues for two decades. From a recent interview and articles, TAP presents Professor Swire’s point of view on the Apple-FBI dispute over de-encrypting the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone.
Professor Joshua Gans, Rotman School of Management, examines the issues being debated by the FBI’s request of Apple to assist in de-encrypting the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters.
William Kovacic’s recent paper, “The United States and Its Future Influence on Global Competition Policy,” discusses how the United States can most effectively promote the global adoption of sound substantive competition policy principles and procedures.
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