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University of Maryland law professor Frank Pasquale discusses three upcoming conferences that show the importance of “statistics and economics” in future tools of social order such as predictive policing and homeland security.
Santa Clara University law professor Eric Goldman looks at Internet law developments over the last decade and highlights the top development from each of the 10 years.
Berkeley Center for Law & Technology's Chris Hoofnagle announces the release of his new book, “Federal Trade Commission Privacy Law and Policy.”
Stanford professor, and net neutrality advocate, Barbara van Schewick explains why T-Mobile’s new Binge On program may feel good in the short-term, but harms consumers in the long run.
In honor of Data Privacy Day today, George Washington University law professor Daniel Solove provides insights from the most widely used bad passwords in 2015.
Harvard Business School professor Shane Greenstein explains “How the Internet Became Commercial” by sharing success stories of a few extraordinary individuals within the high tech industries.
In “FRAND in India,” Professor Dan Sokol and his coauthor Professor Shubha Ghosh show that the current mix of Indian institutions may not yet be well suited to address complex issues of antitrust enforcement.
Stanford economics professor Susan Athey explains that government regulation regarding privacy policies and data usage needs to carefully consider economic costs and benefits.
Harvard Business School professor Shane Greenstein provides a tongue in cheek look at notable information technology events and people from 2015.
Report from 'Responsible Use of Open Data' conference that explored 2 themes: privacy and civil liberty challenges associated with open data, and the use of data stores held by private/commercial holders.
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