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The IP Colloquium, hosted by UCLA Law professor Doug Lichtman, presents a fireside chat with two senior executives from Verizon: Executive Vice President Tom Tauke and Assistant Vice President Link Howeing. Among other topics, they talk about the role ISPs should play when it comes to discouraging copyright infringement online.
This edition of the IP Colloquium discusses the FTC’s recently released report on patent system reform with two of the principal drafters: Suzanne Michel of the Office of Policy Planning and Deputy General Counsel William Cohen.
On this edition of the IP Colloquium, Columbia Law Professor Tim Wu joins UCLA Law Professor Doug Lichtman to discuss network neutrality and his recently published book, The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires.
Should Google be held responsible for the copyright infringement that its YouTube website facilitates? The IP Colloquium engages in the issues underlying this question by drawing on excerpts from the voluminous materials filed over the past three years in the Viacom/Google litigation.
This edition of IP Colloquium sets out to understand the first sale doctrine, tracing its public policy justifications and comparing copyright's approach to that of antitrust.
IP Colloquium examines the debate over patent reform and the question of how, if at all, Congress should change the way courts calculate patent damages.
An IP Colloquium podcast on privacy, specifically collecting personal information from a user community.
The United States Supreme Court recently heard oral argument in a patent case called In Re Bilski. At issue is the question of under what conditions an innovative process falls within the subject matter of patent law. IP Colloquium staged a reading from the transcript of this event.
An IP Colloquium Podcast on Digital Content
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