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Professor Joshua Wright looks at the DOJ’s Apple e-book investigation from an agency-resale price maintenance business model.
Professor Josh Wright, George Mason University School of Law, offers up his list of some of the best, most influential, most enjoyable, or most important antitrust articles and books over the past year.
A very interesting group of essays on the future of law and economics by ten University of Chicago professors. Here’s my quick, rough and ready guide to the 10 essays — which comes with a recommendation to check them all out in their entirety of course — followed by a few comments and reactions at the end of this post.
Joshua Wright, George Mason University School of Law, provides an overview of his new paper “The Law and Economics of Network Neutrality”. Co-written with Thomas Hazlett, this paper offers a legal and economic critique of the FCC’s new Network Neutrality policy.
Earlier this week, AT&T announced it has agreed to purchase T-Mobile USA in a $39 billion acquisition. This undoubtedly opens up a lot of speculation about anticompetitive issues and potential harm to consumers. In this post, Josh Wright, George Washington University Law School, takes a close look at the analysis methods some are applying to the AT&T and T-Mobile Merger.
Professor Joshua Wright explores the limits of antitrust in the context of patent holdup.
There are competing theories of the Federal Trade Commission's reliance on Section 5.
Employing Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act to evade Section 2 monopolization law is not a legitimate use of Section 5.
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