Best Antitrust Articles and Books of 2011

By Joshua Wright

Posted on January 6, 2012

Danny Sokol posted some nominations for best Antitrust Article from a variety of antitrust experts. I was supposed to include my nomination for that list but missed the deadline. Turns out my draft list doesn’t have much overlap with the articles nominated over there, so I figured I’d share my whole list here with all of the normal caveats (i.e., I’m sure I’ve forgotten some very important articles!). Alas, I’ve been giving some thought to the best, most influential, most enjoyable, or most important antitrust articles and books (and in one case, press article) over the past year and came up with the following list of my favorites:
Happy New Year TOTM Readers.
The preceding is re-published on TAP with permission by its author, Joshua Wright, Associate Professor, George Mason University School of Law. “Best Antitrust Articles and Books of 2011” was originally published January 1, 2012 on Truth on the Market.


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